Is Faster broadband connection the reason that more people are shunning the daily commute to work from home or is it company IT infrastructure failings making remote working an attractive solution?

A study by UK business internet service provider (ISP) Pipex found that 79% of small companies use their home broadband connection for work.

Two thirds (64%) of respondents said home broadband is their most frequent method of getting online, compared to 30% who mainly use business broadband.

In addition, more than half (55%) of the 900 small business owners questioned said they are more productive working from home.

Just one third (35%) said they get more done by going into the office.

Internet connections are becoming vital for many small businesses – 69% of respondents said that a broken Internet connection is the most frustrating thing that can happen at work.

Brett Watson, Pipex product and marketing director, said: “The research clearly shows that broadband is a vital business tool and with such easy access, the office may no longer be the preferred working environment.

“Working from home can be just as effective.”

However, it isn’t just about broadband being faster home that is making employers allow their employees to work effectively from home.

Over the years over 47% of all businesses have reduced their expenditure on IT.

The result of this is an inefficient and chaotic IT infrastructure that suffers from a lack of investment into 2017 / 2018. Network administration is routinely hampered by bad cable management what this means is that having employees at home using the home broadband connections to speak communicate and download documents with other employees actually make sense when businesses have a chaotic IT structure and do not have the investment to make the improvements.

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